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Određen forumom Bookworm Adventures 2

Evo ga novo izdanje "čuvene ukrštenice" koju je IGN počastio ocenom 8.3:

"This sequel to the 2007 PopCap game is still adorable and still fun. The original, non-adventurous Bookworm is merely an exercise in finding words amidst a jumble of letter tiles.....
.....An important difference between Bookworm and Bookworm Adventures is that, in the former, you had to link adjacent tiles in order to create a word. Here in Adventures, any tile in play can be used, regardless of whether or not it is touching any of your other selected pieces.....
.....Bookworm Adventures 2 has some features in common with another recent PopCap release: Plants vs. Zombies. You unlock new items with each level but have a very limited number of item slots to use in battle, so before heading into each "chapter" of the game you'll need to choose the right tools for the job. The story is divided into three books, each with ten chapters that throw a handful of enemies at you until you finally reach the chapter boss.....
.....A common word search game amplified with RPG elements. It's simple and addictive.Three chapters with 10 levels each, and some solid mini-games are available beyond the story."

Teška je oko 50-tak MB.

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