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Akcione igre First-person-shooteri i slično...

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Stara 11.7.2011, 23:18   #1
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Određen forumom Black Death

Survival horor igra. Evo vam detalja:


What is Black Death?

Black Death is a new survival horror game from Darkworks.
Black Death is the personification of the fear generated by the recent pandemics and the mistrust which has been associated to their supposed origins (natural disaster, scientific, industrial, or military ones… or else… ).

Our goal with Black Death is to go one step further by focusing the game on three essential elements: speed, fluidity and freedom of action, to offer the player a sensation of freedom and the possibility to create his own arsenal.


Today, the American North East coast, a city is suddenly hit by a massive cloud of smoke.
Mysterious swirls of this black smoke appear and infect everybody.
This new disease is spreading all over the city making it a place full of sick people sunk into a comatose state.
As they mutate into strange creatures with various powers and group behaviours, they start to become violent and invade the whole city.
The player is a survivor who will try to stay alive and wipe out this scourge from the city.


Survive in the fog
Be Creative: Create your own chemical weapons and test them on your enemies
Cure or kill infected you meet and choose your fighting strategy
Spectacular: Have fun discovering a unique bestiary, and experiment with multiple weapons and devices
Fight: Fast action, it’s difficult to kill, you must finish on contact
Control the fog
Discover the black death evolution!
Link za demo:
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