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Special place in "Svet kompjutera" is reserved for computer games. "Svet igara" ("Games World") occupies nearly one third of the magazine and deals with all up-to-date news on the most popular game platforms in our country. From time to time, "Games World" appears as a special edition, in smaller size and circulation than the regular issue. Over the years this part of the magazine has been constantly evolving and changing. In that way many high-quality columns have crystallized and became permanent.

Reviews of the games that can be found on domestic market. All sorts of games are presented: shooters, platform, logic, fighting, strategic, sports, social games, driving simulations, managing simulations and adventures. "Gamemeter" for evaluating the game shows its quality and bad sides. Category "Game of the Month" marks the most popular and most wanted (not necessarily the best) game of the month on domestic market. We would appreciate your contributions.
Contact: column editor Nenad Vasovic or editorial.

Short news column representing new products and events on domestic and world computer games market. All the information is obtained from manufacturers or their representatives. Information about your products is welcome.
Contact: column editor Dragan Kosovac or editorial.
Even in Yugoslav conditions, online gaming is becoming more and more popular. However, technical problems are making it difficult for ordinary users that just want to play, without involving in technical details. Throughout this column we are trying to solve the common problems
Contact: column editor Aleksandar Askovic or editorial.

("Now What?")
Contact-column for helping the players. Readers-associates send questions and answer each other how to solve problems in certain games, ciphers for more complicated levels and various possibilities for simplifying the game by changing difficult factors.
Contact: column editor Gradimir Joksimovic or editorial.

("Step By Step")
In this special column we offer gradual walkthrough solutions for adventure games. Your contributions are welcome.
Contact: column editor Slobodan Macedonic or editorial.

("Top Lists")
Every gamer has his own favorite games. In this column we publish readers' top lists and reward lucky winners with official game titles. Every reader that sends us his Top 10 on the coupon that we publish has an equal chance to win the prize, in which case his list is published in "Svet kompjutera".
Contact: column editor Branislav Babovic or editorial.

Hardware manufacturers oriented towards computer games market (or their representatives and dealers) deliver us their new consoles, managing devices or supplements that we present, test and write about in our magazine. Your hardware products are welcome.
Contact: editorial.

("New Technologies")
We present technological innovations, newly established standards or anything similar in this column, the moment we think it is important for our readers.
Contact: editorial.

("Computer Flower")
Mere parody of the name of our magazine shows that this column, in relaxed and witty manner, presents anecdotes in computer managing or imaginative humorous contributions. We would appreciate your contributions, too.
Contact: editorial.

("The Best Games")
By the end of each year, board of computer games column editors nominate in each genre five best accomplishments during the year. All editors and associates vote and chose winners of Golden, Silver and Bronze "Cindy" of the year. Mascot of this manifestation is the famous model Cindy Crawford whose image is on the medal that "decorates" the winner games.
Contact: editorial.

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Content of "Svet kompjutera"
Content of "Svet igara"
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